Expert and Committed

Cida Industrial Equipment

technical support
Support for services and products provided to customers
High Quality
Providing services and products with the highest and best quality
Best price
Products at the most reasonable prices at your disposal

Specialized designer and manufacturer of electronic circuits

If the electronic board of your product is designed and manufactured by Cida, it should be the best.

Leather surveyor

Faster speed of digital leather surveyor in measuring leather
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Custom boards

Design and production of custom boards for industrial factories
Repair and upgrade of industrial boards

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Accurate and reliable design

Research, development, production of electrical circuits with the highest quality

Multipurpose boards
Multipurpose boards

Suitable for escape rooms

Electronic circuits
Electronic circuits

Design and production of electronic circuits

Industrial production services

Empowering industries to upgrade the technology of their products and compete with superior hands in domestic and foreign markets.
Design of electronic systems
  • Dedicated design
  • Design of hardware systems, hybrid software
Production of electronic boards
  • consulting services
  • Production feasibility
  • Production of modules
Design and manufacture of PCB
  • Design and construction of PCB with regard to DIP and SMD components
Assembly of electronic boards
  • Production and assembly of DIP, SMD boards
  • quality control